Poche’s Roux 16 oz.

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Poche’s Roux 16 oz. jarIf you are a gumbo purist at heart, you
may feel like it is cheating the first time that you resort to a jarred
roux. The whole point of making gumbo, after all, is the timeless and
time consuming ritual of hovering over a hot pot for an eternity or so
right? Stirring constantly to avoid those small black flecks that are
the death knell for any roux. Poche’s Roux in a jar is consistent and
smooth by cooking flour and fat low and slow in an oven for up to six
hours. This is a dark roux and produces a darker gumbo. Order some up
and you’ll discover that making a complex dish like gumbo can be
ridiculously easy. Just heat the roux up in a pot; add your stock, your
chosen meats or seafood; and you’ll have what tastes like a four-hour
gumbo in about 60 minutes. Sure, it might be cheating. But once you’ve
had a gumbo made with Poche’s Roux, you’ll be able to live with

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